Winter Field Day 2024 – Results

We had a great time at Winter Field Day this year!

We had about about 15 people that attended the event and 8 operators. 5 antennas were set-up (in the rain) for the event and we worked as a 4i class. Craig Glaze was able to obtain a 1×1 call – W4A. We worked 6 different bands on both Phone and JS8Call. 160 contacts were logged and a total of 3,790 points submitted for our score.

Thanks for everyone for their hard work setting up antennas and radios. Thanks to everyone that shared their gear, coax, connectors, food and drinks. Thanks to everyone that helped clean up the cabin and made it look like we were never there.

See you next year! – Justin/K2JFM


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  1. David McCutcheon Avatar
    David McCutcheon

    Great event. Good teamwork. Thank you to all who participated. I had a blast.

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